PerformWork has been designed to take the stress out of managing small projects

Managing small projects made EASY

How we make it easy?

  • We walk you through the key stages of managing your project, whether it be
    • Business
    • Social
    • Domestic
    • Personal
  • Provide you with guides to make it easier to check you have gathered all the necessary information
  • Reports that show you what is happening and what to do next
  • By enabling you keep information relating to your project in one place
  • Recording who has agreed to do what and when it is going to be done by
  • Generate reports in seconds
  • Monitor progress
  • And most importantly, helps you avoid
    "That's not what I said I wanted!"


Simple Approach
Priority [MoSCoW]
Work Packages [Who Does What]
Risk Register
Change Requests
Gantt Charts
Library & Glossary
To Do Lists [Daily Log]
Project Website
Lessons Learned Log
A note on a chalk board saying How Who What When Why Where

Our mission is to:-
Help ensure every small project is a success
Making them easier to manage


Designed to make your life easier...

PerformWork is a Trade Mark of Performwork Ltd