Q • Is it free to register to use the Performwork.com website?

Yes it's FREE to register to use our site and you will not be asked for any bank card details when you register.

Q • Are there any charges?

We are running an introductory offer - You can create your first 2 projects free of charge.
Monthly subscription is £7 per month
Annual subscription is £72 per year
Special SME subscription for 5 project managers is £300 (£60 per year per person)
Monthly subscription is £7 per month
Annual subscription is £72 per year

Only those that actually create projects need a pre-paid subscription, those that just need to view their action lists or view their Work Packages do not require a paid subscription.

Legal bit: Prices subject to change without notice.

Q • Are there any restrictions with the free projects?

There are no restrictions with our introductory offer.

Q • Why are there separate At Work and Home & Garden versions?

Peter Noblett, the originator of Performwork.com, wanted to be able to keep any domestic projects completely separate from work related ones and have a visual indication as to which version he was using.

If logged into the Home & Garden version a picture of a house and garden is displayed on the control panel as well as the words Home & Garden being displayed above your list of projects.

Q • Can I move projects between At Work and Home & Garden versions or vice a versa?

No, both versions currently run from the same website but the data from each version is stored in separate databases, so projects cannot be moved between models.

Q • Can I register to use both versions?

Yes, you can register to use both versions and you can use the same email address. Technically you could use the same password on both versions as they use different databases but we advise against doing that.

Q • Can I have both versions open at the same time?

Yes, you can have an At Work and a Home & Garden account open in the same browser at the same time.

Q • Can I have the same account open on either different devices or different browsers on the same device, at the same time?

No, as part of the security design we only allow for one specific account to be active on one browser / device at any one time. If you login on device / browser 'A' then on device / browser 'B' when you go back to device 'A' you will see that as soon as you try and use any main menu option you will be logged out.