Action [To Do] List - Introduction

•   What goes in the action list?

Activities that need to be completed but do not incur any chargeable costs or resources and therefore do not need to be budgeted for.

Where a cost* will or might be incurred identify the resource that will be used and assign the cost to the relevant feature in the Features [Products] section.
*These costs can be either cash, time or both

•   Assignment

Each item has to be assigned to the appropriate project stage but the following assignments are optional and make it easier to identify what the action / activity relates to:

  • Product / Feature
  • Work Package
  • Specific person selected from your contact list
  • Who will check the activity has been completed
•   Type of Activity

The types of activity can sometimes be specific to an individual or group of projects so PerformWork enables you to create your own list of Activity Types.

•   Generating To Do Action Lists

There are two classes of list:

  • Personal - Things YOU have To Do.
    These are accessed by clicking My To Do on the main (top) menu bar.

    These can relate to any project, not just the ones you have created, this list can include ones created by other people.

  • Project Specific - i.e. the currently selected Project.
    These are available from Actions [Daily Log] on the side menu.

    NB. Items assigned to you will be highlighted by a biscuit coloured background.

•   Daily Log

The action list can be used as a Daily Log

  • If you have to chase someone - make a quick note in your action list

  • Can be useful on complex or fast moving projects to keep a simple track of what is happening

  • If, like's architect, you are working on several projects at once, then adding a note to another project is so quick. Go to Control Panel, select the project, click Actions and add your note / reminder.